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1、 Talent concept: people-oriented, people are the greatest wealth

We always believe that talents are the most valuable wealth of Huaxing Power. Only employees in a good working environment, have the space to display their talents, the enterprise can get long-term development. "People first" is to respect talents, on the basis of equality, respect the development goals of employees' career, and respect the different opinions of employees on the enterprise. Secondly, on the premise of respect, we should care for employees, regard them as business partners of the enterprise, and help them realize the return on investment in their career. Third, "people-oriented" should be based on the staff's strengths, dedicated, as much as possible to provide a platform for development.

2、 Talents in the eyes of Huaxing

◆ have the values to adapt to the modern society, including firm ideals and beliefs and innovative consciousness

The firm ideal and belief should be the spiritual pillar composed of the profound historical and cultural accumulation. The innovative spirit is manifested as a scientific spirit, a character quality, a mental state, a psychological orientation of pursuing excellence, and an ability to change oneself and the environment actively.

◆ knowledge structure adapted to the development of modern society

Focusing on the broad and forward-looking knowledge vision, we should stand at the forefront of knowledge, have a broad vision, pursue new discoveries, explore new laws, create new theories, create new methods, and accumulate new knowledge.

◆ perfect personality in line with the development of modern society

We should internalize the outstanding cultural achievements of human beings, including ethics, philosophy, history, literature, art and so on, into stable internal qualities, understand how to be human and why to be born, including how to deal with the relationship between human beings and nature, between human beings and society, between human beings, as well as their own problems of rationality, emotion, will and so on.

3、 The employment principle of Huaxing

◆ attract people with mechanism, gather people with environment, retain people with career and protect people with system.

◆ those who have both virtue and ability can be reused, those who have no virtue and talent can not be used, those who have virtue and talent can not be used, and those who have talent and talent can not be used.


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