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Double pulse power supply

Double pulse power supply -- main features of the product:

● when pulse power supply is used for purification of precious metals, the purity of precious metals is higher. Pulse power supply is superior to traditional electroplating power supply, and it is the development direction of electroplating power supply.

Double pulse power supply is more meticulous than single pulse power supply in electroplating, with better finish. The anodic dissolution of the reverse pulse of the double pulse power supply makes the concentration of metal ions on the cathode surface rise rapidly, which is conducive to the use of high pulse current density in the subsequent cathode cycle, so that the coating is dense, bright and low porosity; the anodic stripping of the reverse pulse of the double pulse power supply greatly reduces the entrapment of organic impurities (including brighteners) in the coating, so the coating has high purity and resistance to change Strong color ability.

working principle:

The pulse power supply produced by our company has single positive pulse and double positive and negative pulse power supply. It adopts unique modulation technology and digital control. The positive pulse opening width (T +) and negative pulse opening time width (T -) can be adjusted in the whole cycle respectively. The positive and negative current and voltage can be adjusted independently. Can meet the different needs of customers.

Core technology and new highlights of Huaxing high frequency electrolytic power supply:

core technology

High frequency transformer

This is a new high-frequency high-power transformer developed by our company, which has many advantages, such as various cooling modes, low impedance, suitable for industrial production and so on.

It has obtained national invention patent (Patent No. of a new structure transformer: zl200610035697.1) and Zhongshan patent technology award in 2012 (Patent No. of a new structure transformer: zl200610035697.1).

Modular structure and current sharing control technology

Less than 1% current sharing error, unit module pure water cooling, N + 1 redundancy design, unique water connection and water balance technology constitute the obvious advantages and characteristics of Huaxing high power switching power supply.

Analog and digital communication technology

It can be flexibly configured with analog communication or digital communication according to the needs of the user's site, and it is easy to connect with the user's original system.

New highlights

DSP control technology is a new application technology of our company's power supply products, which realizes the digitalization of power supply control and communication, and will better solve the problems of current sharing and load distribution of modular power supply products, so as to further improve the reliability of power supply operation and communication.

Soft switching technology is an important technical means to effectively improve the service life of power devices and product quality. Huaxing soft switching power supply products have been put on the market in succession.

The use of the new Schottky tube will be another significant highlight of Huaxing switching power supply products. The Schottky tube has strong tensile strength, impact strength and lower power consumption.

Switching power supply oxidation coloring power supply is another important product provided by our company to the oxidation industry. The appearance of this product makes our company become a high-tech enterprise that can provide a complete set of energy-saving power supply products to the oxidation industry.

★ our company can quickly customize high-power power supply products according to customers' requirements.

(current: 10a-30000a, voltage: 3v-1000v), production cycle: about one week.

The product is free of charge for one year and can train maintenance personnel for customers free of charge.

Double pulse power supply -- technical parameters:

输出特性恒流/恒压可转换 ( 0~额定值 )
效  率≥89%

Double pulse power supply -- main product specifications:



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